Choosing the right M.E.W.P.

Below are some questions that you can ask  in order to get the best, most efficient equipment specified for your job:

👉 Who?
– Who will use the equipment? – How many people will be in the platform at once? – Will they have tools or equipment with them? – Does the operator have the correct IPAF training?
👉 What?
What kind of work will be carried out? – What are you lifting, and how much does it weigh? – What are the obstacles on the worksite? – What is your power source preference?
👉 Where?
– Where will the equipment be used? – Is the work indoors, outdoors, or a combination? – Do you need to drive up or down a ramp? – Do you need doorway access & what size? – Is the terrain level? Is there a slab, concrete, or asphalt floor? – Is there access to mains electricity on site for charging batteries?
👉 How?
– How will the equipment be used? – How high (vertically) do you need to reach or work? – How much outreach (horizontally) is needed?
👉 When?
– When will the equipment be used? For how long at a time?

📣 Our advice: Stay curious and ask questions in order to better understand the equipment needs – These questions will provide us with valuable insights, and from there, we will be able to recommend the right MEWP for the job.

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